Our performance records
speak for themselves

Certified Protection
ESET is dedicated to providing high-performing security solutions for home users and corporate customers and to developing the best antivirus solutions for you. We have won numerous prestigious awards - from Overall Performance to Editor’s Choice awards to Software of the Year, our products have gained international recognition.

Key Features and Benefits

Virus detection

We've designed our software to be stable, precise, and flexible, which means it's extremely effective at preventing malware from attacking your computer. Our record in stopping in-the-wild viruses in VB100 tests is unmatched, and many other independent statistics confirm our industry-leading detection capabilities.

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Our software consistently demonstrates the lowest impact on system performance and the least memory usage among all leading antivirus solutions, which means our customers don't have to wait for their antivirus scan to finish before their computer starts up, and it's been confirmed by a number of independent tests.

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We've not only won a huge number of awards for the fantastic performance of our security software - we’ve picked up many other accolades and nominations for the fast and sustained growth of our company and many other activities in addition to computer safety, too.

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We've been the industry leader in developing proactive computer security solutions for more than 20 years. Our core software has evolved to support an impressive range of operating systems and platforms, and our products have been certified by many prominent industry bodies.

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Personal security

Our wide selection of unique antivirus and internet security software products have been engineered to offer exceptionally fast protection to home users - which means online safety and security has never been more effective.

Business security

Our cross-platform business products provide unparalleled online protection, simple deployment and convenient management for businesses of any size and shape - without increasing IT overhead or slowing systems down.